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What do dental hygienists do?

Dental hygienists like the ones that work at Camden Practice in London are an important part in helping people care for their teeth and are responsible for a lot of preventative dental treatment, cleaning teeth to minimise the risk of gum disease developing.

What kind of treatments will the dental hygienist carry out?

Dental hygienists can take dental x-rays and might also carry out some teeth whitening treatments, but most commonly the work that they do is the scale and polish. This is done to get rid of the plaque build up on your teeth that can lead to gum disease if it is not controlled. They will also show you how best to care for your teeth to prevent problems in the future. For hygienists in London you will find none better than the hygienists at Camden High Street Dental Practice.

Can Dental Hygienist Services help in long-term dental health?

In fact the training of all dental hygienists is all about the health of our teeth. Although not every dental surgery will have a hygienist, most do these days, and those hygienists will often see patients independently in direct access as well as seeing them as referrals from the practice dentist.

How often should we see the Hygienist?

Normally dental hygienist appointments will be given before or at the time of a dental check up. It might be more frequent if necessary.

Why Doesn't the Dentist do this work?

A lot of dentists in London do carry out this kind of work but more and more are coming to realise the advantage of having a hygienist who is specially trained in this kind of preventative dentistry.

Direct Access

Are you overdue a visit to your dentist? Is that because what you want really is a thorough clean and some advice and you don't need to see the dentist for that? Well now new legislation will allow you to see your hygienist direct. There will be some treatments that they cannot do, like tooth whitening and some practices may still want you to see the dentist first, but more and more you will be able to make a booking direct with your hygienist for a clean and take advantage of the advice they have on caring for your teeth.

Do Hygienist Treatments Hurt?

Polish and scale treatments should not hurt but if there is some discomfort or pain then the hygienists will have anaesthetic gels that can be used to make sure that the treatment is comfortable.

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