Avail Invisible Invisalign Braces from our Clinic in London

A revolutionary orthodontic treatment that is proven to be more effective and patient-friendly than the traditional alternatives is Invisalign®. The use of clear braces has made this procedure one of the highest in demand treatments, which is performed by our orthodontist in London. Dental problems such as crowded, unevenly spaced or shifted teeth are addressed with this new method. The almost invisible braces are custom made to ensure comfortable and precise fit onto your teeth, which also minimises any teeth movement, and prevents previously experienced irritations. The improved appearance, as a result of clear braces, has caused a significant increase in demand for Invisalign in London.

In contrast to the conventional metal braces, the advanced braces offered by Invisalign are removable and much more comfortable to wear, particularly during activities such as brushing your teeth and eating. Check-up appointments will be arranged to ensure the desired progress is achieved and any concerns will be addressed.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • An ideal solution for crowded, unevenly spaced or shifted teeth
  • Custom fit braces made to ensure maximum comfort
  • Removable aligners can provide extra comfort during activities such as eating and brushing
  • Clear braces cause improved appearance which has caused significant improvement in client satisfaction
  • By eliminating the need for wires and braces, the chances of mouth and gum irritations are dramatically reduced

Your Personalised Treatment

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In your consultation session, we will listen to your goals, examine your oral health, and provide you with the list of treatments, so you could choose the treatment that suits your desires. Our dental clinic offers to give you that straight set of teeth you always wished by this simple, comfortable and effective method. After your consultation session, your personalised aligners are made for you to wear for two weeks. Your teeth will slowly start to move towards the desired positions. The assigned regular check-up sessions will ensure the desired progress towards the best outcome is made.

We Are a Preferred Member of Invisalign London.

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