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Teeth Whitening by Our Qualified Dentist in London

Our highly experienced dentists in our practice offer teeth whitening in London with the aim of restoring your smile and confidence, with the use of effective and safe methods. If you are after that pearly-white smile, but have been disappointed with ineffective or unsafe conventional treatments, we at Camden High Street Dental Practice have the solution for you. Whether you prefer the comfort of your house or would like to experience our in-office treatments, we offer you the treatments that are flexible, and highly effective to assist you in achieving your goals with minimal interference with your favourite activities.

Which Teeth Whitening Treatment is Right For You?

Teeth Whitening Before-After

Drinking a lot of red wine and coffee and/or age related disease can change the colour of your teeth and cause decolourisations, which can take the whiteness of your smile away. At Camden High Street Dental Practice, we use the leading products and teeth whitening brands that are well-known around the world for providing safe and effective procedures. Our Philip Zoom and Enlighten whitening treatments are our highest in demand teeth whitening procedures that are available as both in-office or home treatments.

If you would like optimum results, you could use both in-office and home-kit treatments in combination, given that the initial examination of your teeth by our dentists indicates no interfering dental problem. Our teeth whitening London clinic is dedicated in providing you with the range of treatments and let you choose the procedure that you are most comfortable with. For further information on the range of treatments offered by our dentists from Enlighten to teeth bleaching, contact our office on 0208 693339 for your free consultation session.

In Office Treatment

Our in office teeth whitening treatments is so effective that instant visual changes can be seen within 1 hour of treatment. Another benefit of our in office treatment, is the present of dentist who will ensure optimum performance of the whitening gel and thus monitors the effectiveness of your treatment. Your dentists will also make sure that your gum and surrounding soft tissues are protected.

Enlighten Home Treatment

The first step involves taking an impression of your teeth from which a personalised, custom-fit tray will be made. This will mount comfortably on to your teeth, preventing any leakage and ensures maximised cosmetic effect. This kit can be worn between 2 to 4 hours a day or at night for maximum duration of two weeks.

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