A Brief Guide To You on Six Months Smile Treatment

The treatment for teeth straightening with conventional braces has existed across the ages. Generations after generations of patients have been benefited by the traditional treatment approach. However, braces make patients unnecessarily self-conscious about their appearance. When a modern alternative to the conventional therapy was introduced, it was widely accepted by both the patients and orthodontic experts.

This alternative is nothing else, but treatment with Six months smile. The modern treatment offers overwhelming results within a much shorter time period. Moreover, it offers great discretion and lesser embarrassment to patients than compared to its traditional counterpart. Invisalign braces are tested to provide a wider range of practical and cosmetic benefits too.

So if you’re looking for straightening your teeth discreetly, Six month smiles is the best treatment available in the market.

What is the treatment all about?

The therapy uses a set of wires and brackets to shift your teeth gently and slowly to their desired locations. Instead of using metal braces that make your treatment obvious to one and all, the modern therapy uses clear, transparent brackets and tooth-coloured wires. So, anyone hardly gets to know that you’re undergoing the dental cosmetic treatment.

What are the problems it can correct?

The cosmetic dentistry treatment is also known as Six Month Smiles therapy. Generally, it fixes the problem of overcrowded or misalignment of the front teeth. However, it proves helpful correcting many other dental issues, which include:

  • Over-crowded teeth
  • Gaps in between the teeth
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Individually cowed teeth

Who are the ideal candidates for this treatment?

Patients who are considered ideal for this modern dental therapy include the following:

  • Patients suffering from mild to moderate problem of overcrowded teeth
  • People who want to make their smile aesthetically more beautiful and attractive
  • Individuals who want a faster solution and without compromising their comfort levels
  • People who want to go for a discreet treatment
  • Usually, it is considered best for individuals, who’re 15 and above, with all of their adult teeth.

However, you should consult an dental expert to judge your suitability for the treatment.

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