A Complete Guide to Oral Health for Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy can be a wonderful period in every woman’s life in which she undergoes different changes to her, both psychologically and mentally. The expecting mothers pass through different physical changes that have an effect on their hormone level, which in turn can have a major impact on their oral health. Though it’s a fact that good oral health is essential for both the mother and the child, only a small percentage of women visit their dentist in London once they conceive. The truth is that dental care is extremely important to fight against the bad effects of oral diseases. This ensures you have a safe oral health and hygiene. However, most expecting mothers entirely devote themselves to the well-being of their child and in-turn neglect their own oral health.

This blog puts great emphasis on educating the women about the importance of their dental health which will ensure good oral health of their baby. Here is your guide to pregnancy and oral health for giving birth to a healthy child.

About Pregnancy Granuloma

Pregnancy granuloma is a condition that occurs in pregnant women, mostly after the first trimester. The major issue is the growth of gums that usually develops after she conceives and is called pyogenic granuloma. Though they may cause a great deal of pain and suffering, the cysts aren’t actually tumours and not cancerous. As such patients suffering from it need not worry much as they can overcome it with the right treatment.

Women usually find red nodules in their upper gum line and other parts of mouth when this problem takes place during pregnancy. The area often bleeds and may form crust and ulcer over time while being attached to mucous membrane or tissue. Although the exact cause is not known, women who practice sound oral hygiene will not face this problem.

Other Problems Pregnant Women can Face

Women who suffer from regular vomiting are more prone to teeth erosion than the ones who do not. As such it is very important that you talk to your dental surgeon and discuss about different ways to prevent the enamel from worsening further.

Another problem that may occur is dry mouth, also called xerostomia that can be addressed by drinking lots of water. In the same way eating sugar-free sweets which stimulate secretion of saliva can help in keeping your mouth moist.

Women who produce large volumes of liquid in their mouth during the initial phase can be assured that this subsides after the first three months of gestation and the problem is related to nausea. Talk to your Camden High Street dentist when you notice any of these symptoms.

Seek Medical Advice and Treatment When Pregnant

When a woman is pregnant, it is necessary to go for medical treatment and know the health condition of the baby. In case the mother needs to go for any serious procedure like surgery or reconstruction, it should be postponed till the delivery of the baby.

It is advisable that pregnant women should visit their dentist for routine checkups and treat any kind of oral problems like gum disease and dry mouth that she faces after conceiving. Both teeth and gums will require special care and attention during pregnancy. Therefore brushing and flossing daily, eating a balanced and healthy diet and seeing the dentist will help overcome any kind of dental problems that might occur for pregnant women.

Thus, when you face some urgent dental treatment, feel free to contact our emergency dentist at Camden High Street Dental Practice and take care of yourself as well as your baby.