Anti-Ageing Modern Dentistry to Make You Look Younger

If the eyes are the windows to our souls, then certainly the mouth reveals our age. The problem is it says a lot more than people want it to say. According to Dr Mohsen Mobasseri, from the Camden High Street Dental Practice, with advancing age, our teeth undergo radical change. Even our smile change drastically as we get older. All these natural changes reveal the fact that one is not young anymore.

What’re these changes that reveal our age?

At advanced age, the teeth usually turns darker, having a dull, yellowish stain. They also get worn in length, providing less support to the lips. Even chipped teeth is a common factor at advanced age. All these factors affect both the appearance of the face and the smile.

However, there’s nothing to be depressed about. Modern dentistry offers excellent solutions to almost all these problems.

How to remove the dull, yellowish stain from the teeth?

There’re lots of options for teeth whitening. But, the trick is to select the right one that suits your cause. Over the counter whitening strips are widely available in pharmacies. These are the best option for people, who possess a healthy mouth with unrestored teeth, without any filling. People with sensitive teeth may choose a lower-dose whitening treatment. This is also true for those, who have multiple fillings in the mouth. It is to be noted, that teeth whitening products usually don’t work on caps, veneers and crowns. To choose the best whitening option, it is best to discuss the matter with your dentist.

How to reshape the smile?

With advancing age, the teeth and the jaws tend to collapse inward. Thus, it is common among older people that when they smile, the dark corners of their mouth hide the broadness of their smile. Modern orthodontic treatment proves helpful in such cases by angling the teeth back to their original positions and addressing other relevant issues like teeth realignment, bite problem, teeth crowding and TMJ. Even teeth realignment options have improved as compared to the past. Instead of using metallic braces, invisalign provides faster realignment of the teeth in a more subtle way.

How invisalign can help?

Invisalign specialists in London can play a crucial role in reshaping your smile at old age. The treatment is a virtually invisible way to teeth straightening. It uses 3D computer-imaging technology to show you the treatment results right at the beginning. A series of almost transparent, plastic aligners is specially customised for your teeth to facilitate teeth movement. Usually, each aligner is used for a couple of weeks and then, you move on to the next aligner.

How long invisalign takes?

As compared to the traditional braces treatment, invisalign works much faster. However, the exact time of treatment depends on your unique needs. It is best decided by your invisalign expert.

How invisalign works?

The transparent aligners move the teeth slowly and carefully from their actual location to desired location. It uses a more efficient force delivery system, as compared to conventional braces to improve the alignment of your teeth.

Other old-age problems like gum recession, lip rejuvenation and the wrinkles above the lips can also be resolved easily, thanks to the unbelievable advancement of modern dentistry.