Cake Culture can be Dangerous for your Oral Health

According to dental experts, enjoying a small piece of cake at the work-place in special occasions like birthday or engagement party builds up and can be a danger to your dental health. In reality, cake culture is the root cause for obesity and various oral problems. Some local dental practitioners in London are also asking the employers to stop giving snacks or sweets during the meetings. This will lessen tooth problems and enable to maintain good oral hygiene. Let’s discuss how eating cake can be dangerous for your overall health.


  • Oral danger – Some cereals comprise of three teaspoons of sugar which is nearly two and a half chocolate biscuit. The wrong labels mean that good and healthy brands can also be the major reason for teeth problems as they might contain high dosage of sugar.
  • Effective solution – Instead choose foods low in sugar that include wheat biscuits or porridge oats. If you want to enjoy something sweet, take some crunchy fruit or honey. Eating cereal together with dairy products may prevent the damage that sugar can cause to your beautiful teeth. Milk contains vitamin D, calcium and phosphates that helps improve your teeth by making them strong and healthy. Also, you can take probiotic yoghurt that may decrease bad bacteria in the mouth. This will prevent tooth decay and promote healthy mouth.


  • Dental problem – Some low calorie snacks like popcorns and dried fruit are gaining popularity, but they are not at all good for oral health. Although the sugar in fruit is natural, there is hardly any difference between the sugars from fruit and sugars from sweets once they enter your mouth.
  • Suitable solution – Crunchy fruits like pears and apples are a good option since they contain high amount of contain that saturates the effect of sugar. Flossing daily is essential as it removes small food particles that get entrapped in your mouth. Also, it prevents plaque built-up by using mouthwash and helps fight against tooth decay. You may visit teeth whitening clinic in Camden and talk to the dentists to know which snacks to avoid for improving your dental health.

Hot and cold drinks

  • Dental issues – Both tea and coffee are harmful for your teeth when consumed in excessive quantities. The tannin and staining compounds present in them can make your teeth become yellow. Besides, consuming them daily may cause bad breath which, in turn, may be the reason for mouth dehydration.Though fruit contains healthy acids, the sugar is produced from the fruit when it is blended or juiced. If you drink smoothies and juices quite often, it may cause tooth decay and cavities. Also, juice contains high amount of acid that may damage your tooth enamel severely.
  • Right solution – Rinse your mouth with warm to wash away tannins. Water contains mineral fluoride that makes the teeth highly resilient to decay and erosion. Swap your tea or coffee with green tea or herbal that has polyphenols which slows down the growth of bacteria and prevents cavities and gum disease. The best drink for the teeth is fluoride water. Also, you can take soya milk and calcium-rich dairy that strengthens your teeth.

It is advisable that the responsible employees take a lead and stop such snacks in office gatherings, meetings and celebrations. Consult the famous dental hygienist in London who will look after your teeth and ensure good oral health. This way, you can protect your teeth from dental dangers and maintain them for long.