Dental Hygienist Suggests Tips to Teach Children the Right Dental Habits

Putting your hard-earned money into your children’s education is a sensible investment. Another smart investment you can make is to teach your children sound oral health habits. Parents will face a challenge teaching dental hygiene to their young ones, but according to a renowned oral healthcare expert in London, teaching your youngsters sound oral health habits need not be difficult.

A top dental hygienist in London suggests the earlier you start, the better

You not only need to teach them the proper brushing techniques but also monitor their progress as they get used to brushing their own teeth. It is also important to let them know why proper brushing of the teeth is necessary.

To help they teach the necessary skills you can try these strategies.

  • Design a tooth-brushing program: To help children learn the steps needed to brush correctly you can create a chart. Break down the steps in sequence. Make sure that the pictures and the instructions included on the chart is easy to read and follow.
  • Lead by example: When teaching anything to children, this is the best strategy. Don’t just tell them to brush their teeth. Rather, brush your teeth with them, to boost their interest.
  • Get them involved: Take them to the store with you and let them pick out their favourite toothbrushes and toothpaste. This way they will enjoy the concept of oral hygiene more.
  • Discuss the risk factors with them too: When your children are little older, you should discuss the health risks involved in not taking proper care of the teeth and the gums. Make sure that they know about oral caries or cavities, tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease.

Camden High Street Dental Practice is a prestigious oral health clinic in London. Experts associated with it emphasise that parents should teach proper brushing and flossing techniques to their children as early as possible. Log into YouTube; search for relevant videos and then show them to your children to help them develop the right teeth cleaning techniques.