Dental Hygienists Ensure Better Oral Health with Braces

A beautiful smile not only makes you more attractive but also reveals the wonderful human being inside you. Investing in dental braces is an excellent approach that provides dividend for a lifetime. Moreover, braces not just straighten your teeth to make your smile more attractive but also ensure that the teeth and the gums stay stronger and healthier. Braces can also help you prevent dental cavities and tooth decay.

Care for braces

A lot of people in London, of varying ages, use braces. But it is more important to take better care of your mouth when you do have braces. Apart from proper brushing and flossing on a regular basis, the dental hygienist suggests taking proper care of your braces, wires and other relevant accessories.

You have to keep both the braces and your mouth clean and only then you can expect the treatment to provide its desired result on scheduled time.

Relevant accessories

Usually, when getting your first set of braces, you will also get a set of cleaning accessories to ensure sound oral hygiene. These accessories are meant to make your life with braces hassle-free and normally include the following:

  • Inter-dental toothbrush to help clean away the food debris stuck between your brackets and wires
  • Interproximal toothbrush that helps you clean the surfaces around the brackets and the fixed retainers
  • A floss and floss threader, so that you can floss the teeth better
  • A toothbrush with soft bristles and
  • A mirror to provide you with a view inside your mouth while brushing

Tips to maintain sound oral hygiene with braces

Initially, you can consult with a dentist kings cross to learn how to take proper care of your teeth and gums while you are on braces. Normally, dental experts suggest that while on braces, it is important that you properly clean the area between your teeth and the aligners using the brushes. You may start brushing with inter dental brush and remove the larger pieces of debris stuck in the wires and the brackets. Then you can switch over to interproximal toothbrush to clean out the finer debris from inside the mouth. The mirror helps to check whether you have missed out anything at the teeth placed sideways in the mouth.

While you are on braces, make sure that you floss once a day on regular basis. The floss threader will allow you to pull the floss from behind the metallic wires and bring out any fine food particle suspended there.

While brushing, you need to use a soft toothbrush. Remember, you do not need to brush harder because of the presence of braces. Brush gently, in a smooth circular motion by holding the toothbrush at an angle so that it easily reaches across every surface of the teeth.

If you opt for Invisalign Braces, then you should take proper care of the aligners too every time you remove them from the teeth. You need to clean the aligners using anti-bacterial soap. This helps to keep the harmful bacteria away from it. You should also brush the aligners gently so that there is no scratch on the surface.

If you stick to these tips, not only will your orthodontic treatment deliver expected results but the results will also arrive right on time and without any delay.