Get Rid of Discoloured and Stained Teeth with Whitening Treatment

Having dull and discoloured teeth can give your self-esteem a knock and make you shy away from social gatherings. Teeth whitening can help you get over any self-consciousness caused by the colour of your teeth. This method is said to be an effective way of brighten your teeth to a natural but whiter looking and removing stains. This cosmetic dental treatment improves the look of your teeth and overall appearance. Whitening is not a one-time process and so, it needs to be repeated from time to time in order to maintain the color of your teeth.

What does tooth whitening treatment involve?

Professional bleaching is believed to be the most effective method of tooth whitening. The dental practitioners will tell you if you are the right candidate for the treatment and will help you to perform it in a safe and relaxed environment. The dentist will take rubber shield or gel on the gums in order to keep them protected. He will then apply whitening product to the teeth with a specially made tray that fits into your mouth just like a mouth guard.

The ‘active ingredient’ present in the product is usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Once the active ingredient gets broken, oxygen enters into the enamel of the teeth and the tooth color is changed to lighter shade.

Why do you get your teeth whitened?

There are several reasons why you want your teeth to be whitened. Just like everyone is different, so are the colour of their skin and hair. The same is applicable for the teeth too. Few people have brighter and whiter teeth and they become discolored as you become old.

Your teeth may get stained depending on the type of food and drinks you take such as tea, coffee and red wine. Besides, if you are addicted to smoking, this can be another reason for having stained teeth.

Tartar or calculus has a great impact on the color of teeth. Some people might have staining under the surface that occurs due to small cracks or taking some antibiotics.

How long will the procedure require?

Teeth whitening treatment can usually be completed within three to four weeks. Firstly, you will have to visit your dentist for two to three times. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and then create a mouth guard at the first appointment. After the treatment begins, you will have to continue the procedure at home. This means applying whitening products for almost two to four weeks regularly for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

However, you will find some new products that can be applied for atleast eight hours. This means you will get satisfactory result within one week.

You may visit a reputed dental practice in London and get teeth whitening done by the professionals only. This will enable you to remove stains and have whiter teeth. Thus, you will not only regain your beautiful smile but also improve the confidence level.