Porcelain Veneers to Cover Up Your Dental Flaws

Technically, it is possible to remove porcelain veneers, but practically the story can be much different. According to a leading dental health expert in Camden, everything depends on how much effort was given while placing them.

To properly place veneers, it’s important to remove some of the enamel from your teeth. When the veneers are placed without removing the tooth enamel, it forms a gap in between the enamel surface and the veneer. Bacteria and other harmful microorganisms thrive in this area. In such cases, a patient is often subjected to tooth decay and this gradual loss comes to notice only after the problem has penetrated deep. To avoid this from happening, reliable oral healthcare providers make sure to remove part of the tooth enamel before inserting a veneer in place.

The quantity of the enamel that is removed varies from case to case. If the veneer treatment is for making the teeth appear lengthier or improve the shade of the teeth, a negligible amount of the enamel is taken away. But if it’s for straightening the teeth, then a substantial amount is removed. In such cases, it’s difficult to remove the veneers, as that would reveal the reshaped and unattractive teeth.

There’s yet another question for you to answer. What’s the reason to remove the veneers? Almost 100 percent of the people with dental porcelain veneers are happy with it. They don’t complain; they don’t grumble. The veneers are known to last really long and it makes no sense to replace them too often. If properly placed, veneers will keep providing the impressive results over the years.

“Removable veneers” is a marketing term very popular in the recent times. It’s a gimmick to market some inferior quality veneers that offer poor result on the whole. At the Camden High Street Dental Practice, the focus is on providing top-quality veneer solutions. Thus, our patients never consider removing their veneer solution.