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Private Dentistry vs NHS Which Should You Choose

Understanding the English dental system is as important as knowing how to brush your teeth properly. With the right information about dental costs, where to go for the best care and where to find out what options are available it will become a lot easier and therefore more likely that you will visit a dentist who will take care of your teeth. Whether you choose a private or NHS dentist in Camden you will be well looked after.

It is true that there is a lot of confusion around what the NHS or the private sector represent in England. Commonly patients are uncertain about:

  • What they should pay
  • What NHS dental care costs
  • What private dental care costs
  • Where to go for the best treatment

Currently dental decay, particularly among children is reported to be increasing fast in the UK and adults are no better making fewer dental visits. Oral cancer cases are also on the rise, and scientists are uncovering more links between poor oral health and a persons overall health – links between gum disease and heart health is one example of this.

Parameters of Comparison

Before you decide between a private and NHS dentist, you should know how they differ from one another. The most common consideration is on the cost of a desired treatment. People assume that private dentists charge extremely high rates as compared to NHS dentists. However, there are many more parameters for you to compare.


  • You can schedule appointment whenever required even in the evening hours and weekends.
  • There is full range of the highest quality treatments without any limitation or restrictions as well as access to the latest and modern equipment are also available for oral treatments.
  • Private dentist provides cosmetic dental treatment which is an exception in case of NHS dentistry.
  • Treatments like dentures, crowns, implants and bridges are customised by experienced technicians in the private laboratories.
  • You get longer appointments based on the type of treatment giving you a relaxed time to get it done.


Both NHS patients and private patients are treated similarly, but the government has imposed some restrictions for patients opting for NHS dentistry.

  • The desired treatment should be functional on the NHS list. This means the desire for the treatment should not be just for cosmetic reasons.
  • The treatments are affordable and this states that the materials used are also cost-effective.
  • Government guidelines are followed to recall patients, so you won’t always be eligible for a check-up or dental cleaning.
  • Oral cleaning under NHS is performed for gum protection and not for removing stains and marks completely.
  • Getting an appointment date is a difficult, as spaces are limited and wait times are often over 4 weeks and more. You may not always be able to schedule one when you want it, unless it is a dental emergency.

So here is what you need to know

First of all – Money. The hard fact is that the budget for NHS dentistry in England is relatively small, and that means that in some places it can be really tricky to find an NHS dentist who is taking on new patients.

On the other side of the coin there is evidence that private dentistry is becoming more affordable where is possible to book a check-up for as little as £25, even at private dentists in London. Many new financing options are coming onto the market. As well as the standard insurance plans, dental plans are also gaining in popularity.

It is certainly worth checking up on what is out there, you might be surprised at what you find.