Reasons Why Dental Implants are Better than Dentures

One of the things that people often speak to us about is missing teeth. This can be a problem that will affect confidence and can cause a lot of upset. There are several ways that this situation can be combated and for year dentures have really been the only solution. Now, however with the advent of dental implants there is a chance of having replacement teeth that can be a real replacement for their original teeth.

Three Reasons why dental implants are better than dentures:

Dental implants are gaining popularity fast as a really successful and long lasting replacement for missing teeth.

  • Beautiful Results: Dental implants fit seamlessly with the natural teeth and are made of materials that are as close to the natural structure of the tooth as is possible. There will be no class hooks or other hardware on show. All that you will see are lovely natural looking teeth.
  • Comfort and function: Dental implants allow for comfort and ease of chewing and once the period of healing has been completed they will look and perform just like natural teeth. Those patient with dentures find to their cost that it is often necessary to have them adjusted repaired and relined to keep them comfortable. The truth is your mouth will be always changing, so what works today may not after a few months.
  • Better Health Overall: Dental implants are much better than dental dentures at ensuring health of any remaining natural teeth you have. This is because once a tooth is lost the bone in the jaw will begin to recede where the tooth root once was. This in turn will put the neighbouring teeth at risk, as bone is lost. They might become loose or even fall out. A dental implant will ensure that bone density is maintained and the remaining teeth are protected.

It is true that where dental solutions are concerned there is no such thing as one size fits all. In some cases and for some patient dentures will change their loves and be a great solution providing great improvement to their quality of life. It is also true, however, that dental implants can be considered well worth the additional cost where consideration of the health of remaining natural teeth is being taken into account, as well as the feeling of having natural teeth again. The aesthetics of a natural looking even toothed smile, and the great and freeing lifestyle benefits of being able to eat all the foods you love without difficulty or worry can be considered as priceless.