Toothache Causes can be Life Threatening

Unlike bones, your teeth do not need to break for giving you severe pain. In fact, toothaches may be the result of several problems, amongst which some can become serious in case you do not visit emergency dentist. Let us discuss about some common toothache causes you should be aware of.

  • Tooth decayDental decay or dental carries is said to be the most common reason for toothache. This occurs due to the buildup plaque that produces acid and breaks down the outer layer of the tooth thus, damaging the pulp.
  • Cracked tooth – If you have a cracked or fractured tooth, this may cause damage to the pulp, if left unattended. Your dentist will have no other option than extracting the teeth. Talk to the surgeon to get the right treatment during emergency.
  • Receding gums – Gum problems start with the growth of bacteria, plaque and inflammation. Though it is quite uncomfortable, the effects are definitely treatable. However, if you brush too often, this may cause the gums to recede thus, causing toothache.
  • Dental abscess – Periodontal abscess occurs due to bacterial infection that causes a collection of pus in between the tooth and gums. This may lead to swelling of the face, swelling of gums, severe ache and high temperature.
  • Wisdom teeth – Your wisdom teeth may get struck or emerge from the gums as they grow. Individuals having such teeth will suffer from swelling, toothache and infection. The initial treatment is to wash the affected area with a disinfectant and removing the tooth, in case there is pain within a few months.
  • Sinusitis – This bacterial infection leads to an inflammation of the sinuses lining. Symptoms of the disease include – blocked nose, high temperature, tenderness and pain in the face. It may also cause bad breath and severe tooth pain. It is linked to other dental problems like poor health or gum disease.
  • Jaw joint dysfunction – Jaw joint dysfunction or TMJ may occur due to arthritis, teeth grinding or gout that can be the reason for spasms or tightness in the jaw muscles. Some symptoms of the disease are – tooth pain, headache, difficulty in opening your mouth and eating food.
  • Teeth grinding – Also known as bruxism, many adults grind their teeth while sleeping that may cause an ache in the upper teeth and jawbone. Bruxism can wear away the enamel of the tooth which may lead to cracked teeth or cavities. Dentist in NW1 can create a customized mouth guard to protect the teeth when you are sleeping.

Thus, if you are experiencing severe toothache accompanied by fever, sore throat or jaw pain, seek medical attention immediately. These can be some signs of a life-threatening infection.