Camden High Street Practice Complaints Policy

At Camden High Street Practice, we pride ourselves on the high standard of medical care we provide to our patients and their families. We understand, however, that there may be times when expectations are not met, leading to dissatisfaction. Our complaints policy is designed to address such instances promptly and effectively, with the aim of resolving issues to the satisfaction of all parties involved. We take all complaints seriously and are committed to learning from them to improve our services.

Our Commitment to Patients

We recognise that despite our best efforts, there may be occasions when our service falls short. We are not complacent and accept that misunderstandings and problems can occasionally occur. Rest assured that we are dedicated to addressing and resolving any concerns with the urgency they warrant.

How to Make a Complaint

If you feel the need to make a complaint, we encourage you to bring this to our attention as promptly as possible. You can do so in the following ways:

  • In Person: You are welcome to express your concerns verbally to any of our staff members, whether at the reception desk or over the telephone. The staff member will document the key points of your complaint and immediately forward them to our practice manager.
  • In Writing: You may also submit a written complaint, which can be addressed to the practice manager at the practice’s postal address.

Acknowledgement and Response

Upon receiving a complaint, we endeavour to acknowledge it by telephone within two working days when feasible. An invitation to an informal meeting will be extended to discuss the issue in detail and explore potential resolutions.

If you prefer not to attend a meeting, or after the meeting has taken place, we will conduct a thorough investigation into your complaint. We aim to respond in writing within 15 working days, providing a full explanation and any actions taken.

Record Keeping

A precise and comprehensive record of all complaints received is maintained as part of our commitment to transparency and accountability. Our “Duty of Candour” ensures that we operate with openness, honesty, and transparency at all times.

Further Steps

Should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of our local resolution efforts, there are additional avenues you may pursue:

  • For complaints related to NHS services, contact NHS England at:
    NHS England
    PO Box 16738
    B97 9PT
    Telephone: 0300 311 22 33
    Please include ‘For the attention of the complaints team’ in the email subject line.


  • If your complaint concerns private treatment, The Dental Complaints Service may be able to assist:
    The Dental Complaints Service
    37 Wimpole Street
    W1G 8DQ
    Telephone: 020 8253 0800 (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm)


  • Patients dissatisfied after local resolution may request a review by the Ombudsman:
    The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
    Millbank Tower
    SW1P 4QP
    Telephone: 0345 015 4033


  • Alternatively, the Care Quality Commission can be contacted for concerns about health services:
    CQC National Customer Service Centre
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 4PA
    Telephone: 03000 616161



At Camden High Street Practice, our patients’ satisfaction and safety are of paramount importance. Through this complaints policy, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to addressing your concerns comprehensively and compassionately. We value your feedback as it is instrumental in guiding our continuous improvement efforts.