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Camden Dental Practice Offer a New Treatment for TMJD

One of the things that we deal with at Camden Dental Practice is temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) The ear canal is anatomically very close to the (TMJ) and the ear canal’s shape changes when the jaw is closed or opened or when there are other movements like smiling, speaking and chewing.

At Camden Dental Practice we are now able we to offer a new treatment for TMJD – Cerezen.™ This clear device uses the anatomical alteration previously mentioned, to provide a unique treatment that is now being used for the treatment of TMJD.

What is TMJD?

Millions of people across the world suffer from TMJD pain and have the associated symptoms – grinding of their teeth (Bruxism) as well as headaches. There has been a lot of research done in Europe as well as in the USA that indicates that as many as twenty five per cent of adults in any population will suffer with the facial pain that is associated with the condition TMJD. Although either sex can suffer from the condition women seem to be more symptomatic, experiencing more jaw pain and tooth grinding. The condition is more commonly seen in younger people.

How Does Cerezen™ Work?

Ear Image

The Device Cerezen™can be 20% larger in dynamic geometry than the ear canal when the jaw is in the closed position and it is this change in volume or in the ear canal space that is thought to be responsible for applying a gentle pressure exerted against the ear canal walls aided by its proximity to the TMJ and the surrounding muscles and nerves. This encourages the patient to return the jaw to the “open bite” position. This return to the “open bite” position will minimise the tendency of the patient to clench their jaw and the muscles surrounding it.

Treatment starts from £995.00

If you suffer from TMJD then get in touch with us for a consultation to see how this new treatment can help you with the pain that comes with TMJD.