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Six Month Smiles in Camden, London NW1

Cosmetic Braces System offered 6 Month Smiles

Another new advancement in the orthodontic dentistry is the 6 month smile treatment, which is offered by our experienced dentists at competitive prices. The rapid results provided by this treatment makes it most ideal for those clients that are after instant results, and offers to straighten your front sets of teeth in a relatively short period of 6 month, which is significantly shorter than the traditional alternatives.

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Your Personalised Treatment

Effective use of new materials in this treatment has made it significantly more desirable than the conventional methods. The use of clear braces and white wires in this treatment has improved visual appearance significantly, and resulted in high demand for this procedure. In your initial consultation session, an impression of your teeth will be taken by your dentist. This impression is sent to the relevant laboratory for your custom made braces to be made in such a way that it provides increased comfort and accurate fitting onto your teeth. In order to ensure that your teeth are tight in position, use is made of retainers that are available in both fixed wires and removable form. The type of retainers implemented largely depends on initial examination, and also on your own personal preferences.