Short Term Orthodontics

Short-Term Orthodontics in Camden

Short-term orthodontics, also known as high-speed braces, is an orthodontic treatment that provides a quick and aesthetic solution to patients. It is somewhat similar to traditional braces in the way how it works but can complete treatment within four to six months, depending on the kind of correction to be done. Short-term orthodontic systems use clear or tooth-coloured brackets and wires to provide an aesthetic option that is less noticeable than those traditional braces. This is a great option for patients having minor to moderate crowding of their front teeth.

Suitable candidate for a short-term orthodontics:

Short-term braces are usually used to align your front six to eight teeth. They can be used for the upper and lower arch but are used to straighten both of them at the same time.

However, they are not a preferable option if the patient suffers from TMJ disorders or problems with surrounding facial muscles, jaw point, bite discrepancies or narrow arches. Some cases where significant changes are often not suited for short-term orthodontic solution will probably benefit from fixed braces. Your orthodontist will find out which treatment is suitable for your case and if you will be able to gain benefit from short-term orthodontics.

About the treatment procedure:

  • During the initial consultation, the dentist will assess your condition and will go through your dental and medical history with other records necessary for your case. This usually involves taking X-rays, clinical photographs and models of teeth that are conveniently done with a 3D intraoral scanner.
  • You will have to visit the dental practice in every four weeks to adjust archwires.
  • You can restore your gorgeous and straighter smile within six months.

Advantages of short-term orthodontic braces:

  • Quick method for teeth straightening: These braces offer perfectly aligned teeth within a short time as compared to traditional braces. The method requires almost 6 to 8 months for straightening crooked teeth thus, giving you a confident smile.
  • Transparent orthodontics: These braces usually use clear brackets for straightening crooked and uneven teeth. They are transparent and almost invisible to everyone until your friends and colleagues see you closely. You can ensure complete freedom by wearing metal wires that might be the reason for embarrassment in public places or social gatherings.
  • Comfortable and safe treatment: Your crooked teeth are shifted to align them properly by applying light force to make it comfortable with minimal pain than other orthodontic procedures. Thus, there is a lesser chance of damaging the tooth root and gum tissues.

Affordable orthodontic method:

The method is more affordable than other orthodontic procedures due to the minimum time required for your aligned and straightened teeth.