Children Dental Care

Dental Care for Children in London

children dentistryCamden High Street Dental Practice is associated with a dedicated children’s dentist who specilalises in children’s dental treatment. We know what an anxious time it can be when you need to take your child to see a dentist, particularly if they have a dental phobia. Our team of dental professionals tries to make the experience comfortable and pleasant for both parents and children. We work carefully with our dentist and orthodontist who ensure your child’s oral care needs are addressed at different stages of the development process.

Our children’s dentist is also available on Saturdays so that your child will not have to miss their school to visit the dentist.

The importance of good dental health for your child

Once your baby's milk teeth begin to come out, it is very important to help them develop good oral hygiene routines. This will enable your child to have proper shaped teeth and to practice good dental hygiene habits for life so that they can have healthy and strong teeth.

Dental care tips for your child:

Your child’s dentist will provide effective tips on how you can take care of your young one’s teeth at home. Advice includes:
  • The correct way to brush and floss your child’s teeth and other important information about dental routines.
  • The proper way to protect the teeth and gums of your child. Parents should avoid allowing their child to eat foods that have a high amount of starch and sugar. Never allow a child to go to sleep while drinking milk or juice. Teeth should always be brushed before sleep.
  • Follow effective guidelines on improving oral health so that your child can have good dental hygiene as they grow.

FAQs on children dental care:

When should my youngster begin using a toothbrush?

You can start cleaning the teeth of your baby by brushing with a soft toothbrush and water or by using a soft cloth to wipe properly from an early stage. At 18 months, take a small amount of toothpaste to brush your baby’s teeth. Motivate your child to spit out the toothpaste after they brush their teeth but do not rinse.

How often does my child need to brush their teeth?

You can use a small amount of non-fluoride toothpaste when your child is 3 years old. Brush their teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and before they go to bed. Try to spend 2 minutes brushing and give sometime to the back molars. This is the area where tooth cavities often develop first.

When can my child start using regular toothpaste?

Your baby should not use Fluoride contained toothpaste before they turn 3 years. Use a soft bristled brush and water to clean your child's teeth before that and at 3 years and above, parents should teach proper brushing techniques. Use small amount of toothpaste and make sure that your child does not swallow the excess toothpaste.

When do I need to take my child to the dentist?

According to the British Society of Pediatric Dentistry (BSPD), it has been suggested that once your baby's first tooth comes through, you can take them to see a dentist. This will accustom the child to this kind of experience so that they never develop a dental phobia.

How often do I need to take my child to a dentist?

You should take your child to a dentist for routine checkups regularly so that their teeth and gums can be assessed properly. A dental check-up done every six months is recommended to avoid tooth cavities and other oral problems.