Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and Onlays Treatment to Restore Damaged Teeth in Camden

In simple words, inlays and onlays can be described as special type of fillings to restore your damaged teeth. When the filling is applied to the inner tooth cavity, it is referred to as an inlay. Likewise, when it is applied to the outer tooth structure, it is termed as an onlay.

What does the inlay and onlay treatment involve?

At Camden High Street Dental Practice, we usually offer same-day treatment for inlays and onlays restoration thus, saving your precious time.

Our experts use the latest dental technology to create restorations that strike the right balance between substance and style. The procedure involved in inlay or onlay fitting is simple and straightforward. It starts with removing any damaged filling. In the next step, a tiny camera is used to capture the 3D impression of your teeth.

This impression is used to create your unique dental restoration. Our dental experts custom make these restorations at our practice using top-quality ingredients. The restorations are fitted after a final polish to give them the natural look.

Unlike the other dental practices, we use a special technique to cement your restoration with your tooth to ensure durable results. Our experts possess enough knowledge and hands-on experience to make sure the seam between your natural tooth and clinical restoration remains totally untraceable.

How the inlays and onlays treatment benefits patients?

Dental restoration using inlays or onlays prove beneficial in numerous ways:

  • Minimally invasive as compared to enhanced oral function that it facilities.
  • Wide choice of the dental filler material, which include Porcelain, Zirconium, Gold or Composite White Filler.
  • Makes your teeth healthier and stronger.
  • Inlays and onlays not only improve your overall oral health but also your bite and chewing force.
  • It also caters to smile improvement, along with boosting your self-confidence and health.

Along with the factors mentioned above, the treatment offers long-lasting result, ensuring greater value of your hard-earned money.