5 Tips for a Picture Perfect Wedding Smile Makeover

It seems that the wedding season is always with us, be it a summer, spring, autumn or winter wedding, every bride and groom want to be ready for those cameras and pictures that will be shot of them. Enjoy these tips for a picture-perfect smile fit for any and every occasion.

Step 1: Brightening Those Pearly Whites

This is a very simple step. We have a fastone-hour tooth whitening service available for you at your dentist’s office. If you really don’t have time for a visit, then you could try a clinical strength tooth-whitening tray for home use. Your local dentist will be able to provide you with this.

Step 2: Pick Make Up That Flatters

A complimentary lipstick can make your teeth instantly appear whiter. Bright and cherry reds, a soft rosy pink, and the brighter berry coloured lipsticks will be the best choice. Lipsticks with blue undertones should be avoided, as they will bring out a yellow tinge in your teeth. Using a bronzer can also help to make your teeth appear whiter.

Step 3: Strike a winning pose

You can practice this in the mirror. First off, just relax your face. Then as a next step smile gently, and at the same time maintain a good posture. Tip your head back slightly and at the same time drop your chin a little. It will also help to turn your head at a slight angle to the camera.

Step 4: Wipe Those Stubborn Stains Away

If you’ve had a glass of red wine, gently wipe or blot away the wine stains from your teeth and lips with a moistened napkin,just before picture time.

Step 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Keep up that smile practice in the mirror so that you feel quite confident when those cameras start to flash. Try breaking into a smile effortlessly so that it does not look forced. Make a mental note of which are the best angles for you.

For more tips consult with your Camden Town dentist.