Emergency Dentists or Oral Surgeons: Who Should I Go to and When

You’ve probably come across situations when immediate dental treatment was a necessity. These days, most people enter search strings like “dentists near me” to find oral healthcare specialists to undergo emergency treatment. Now how can you understand whether a professional is just the right person for curing your particular problem? As a matter of fact, the majority of people are in the dark over this issue.

Just read on to gain some light on this topic

  • Understanding dental emergencies: First, it is most important to understand which cases are dental emergencies and which are not. Suppose, you are suffering from a nasty toothache for some time and it is getting to painful to bear. Similarly, when you suffer from heavy oral injury and have bleeding gums and knocked out teeth, rush to a dentist as soon as you can. They’ll assess the condition and may refer a surgeon to help with the restoration and recover.
  • Stop using the terms ‘dentist’ and ‘oral surgeons’ interchangeably: Most patients, irrespective of age, mistakenly consider both a dentist and an oral surgeon to be the same. Whereas, they possess separate skill sets, undergo different training curriculum and follow different treatment objectives. A dentist may have hands-on training and some limited skills in performing minor surgical tasks. But mostly, they deal with crowns, teeth cleaning, fillings, overall gum care, sealants, root canal treatment and others. While on the other hand, an oral surgeon deals with cases like restructuring your bone and gum tissues, tooth extraction and such other invasive surgical procedures. Oral surgeons, unlike dentists, receive extensive training in a specific field although he is referred to by the later. Dental surgeons also treat the cases of chronic oral diseases, apart from problems like bone loss, misaligned jaws, wisdom tooth and others.

However, there’re dental offices that offer both kinds of treatments. Camden High Street Dental Practice is one such clinic. The timings of this clinic is also quite flexible, starting from 9 to 6 on weekdays, 10 to 3 on Saturdays and by appointments only on Sundays. Here the in-house dentist diagnose a case based on symptoms and quickly assesses whether to refer the case to the fellow dental surgeon in the team. Moreover, the clinic maintains a multi-lingual culture and ideal for patients, who’s English is not very strong.

The common dental surgery cases

According to an emergency dentist associated with the clinic, the common cases that require the specialised services of dental surgeons include the following:

If a diseased tooth cannot be cured, it has to be extracted. Even trauma, advanced gum infection, overcrowding and tooth abscess can lead to surgical replacement of natural molars. Wisdom tooth is one of the most common causes of tooth extraction not only in the UK but also all over the world. Patients suffering from chronic pain in the jaws are often subjected to jaw surgery under competent dental surgeons. Oral surgeons also play a crucial role in removing tumours and cancerous tissues from the mouth.