Frequently Asked Questions on Tooth Implants

Dental implants are a kind of modern dentistry that helps to solve the problem of lost or broken teeth. An artificial tooth root is fitted into the jawbone that holds the replaced tooth in its place. They look just like your natural teeth which makes them a great choice for tooth loss problems. They are an affordable solution for tooth extractions to tooth loss. Let’s discuss about some frequently asked questions on dental implants from the experts at Camden.

Why do you choose tooth implants?

Implants are natural-looking replacement for your missing teeth. Like other forms of tooth replacement, they do not slip at the time of talking or eating. This makes you improve your confidence at social surroundings. They are a healthy option as they help maintain the jawbone and keep your facial structure undamaged.

Are implants suitable for you?

Everyone who suffers from lost or missing several or all teeth is an ideal candidate for implants. However, there are certain cases where individuals cannot perform this surgery. The dental professionals will evaluate your suitability before undergoing the treatment.

How can you go for dental implant?

Tooth implant is fitted by your surgeon who drills it into the empty socket for your replaced tooth. Often, implant can be fitted on the same day when extraction has been performed. The procedure is simple and effective that should be done under safe hands.

What are the reasons for getting a tooth implant?

If you are suffering from lost or missing teeth problems, dental implant can help you in several ways. For example, you can prevent bone loss that occurs when there is gap between the teeth for a long time. This ensures other teeth do not move by themselves. The procedure can help you to eat, chew and speak properly.

Can implants be removed?

Dental implant is said to be a permanent solution fitted into the jawbone. The replacement tooth is attached to the implant which can be removed. One of the benefits of implant is that they are not removable. As such, you will not need adhesives to keep them in their place.

Is it safe to undergo implant?

Yes, the method of fitting implants is now safer and advanced than before. Starting from the materials used to fitting, it is become quite common and the success rate is high.

How long will implants last?

If you take care of implants like your teeth, they are meant to last for several years without replacement. They are amongst the longest kinds of restorative dentistry treatments.

How much do tooth implants cost?

This will depend on the person who is performing the treatment. However, you may talk to your surgeon to know about the costs associated and get it done at an affordable rate.

You may visit Camden High Street Practice where the experts can help you get the treatment done in a safe environment. Get in touch with our team of dental professionals who will provide you detailed information on implants and suggest if you are the right candidate for it.