How Poor Dental Care Affects Overall Health

It is true that you can tell a lot about your health by how your mouth looks. There have been some recent articles that have highlighted the link between overall body health and oral health. Diseases caused by poor dental hygiene and that lead to the loss, prematurely, of permanent teeth have been examined. At Camden Dental Practice we place a lot of importance on always carrying out a thorough examination of the mouth of every patient that we see. Our dental hygienist in London is very skilled at this sort of examination during the course of their work, to spot any problems early. This has been especially relevant in view of the study that has mentioned the impact both physically and mentally on older patients who lose their teeth.

Tooth Loss in Older people and the affect on health

University College London researchers have recently published a study in which they state that the loss of teeth early can be a predictor of general health. The premise is hat this kind of tooth loss indicates that there will be physical and mental decline later in the life of the patient. American studies have indicated that tooth loss in seniors affects memory, vision and walking speeds. Although other factors like drinking and smoking were taken into account and educational levels and income were considered the most important factors.

The study showed that the tooth loss most significantly affected people in older age. Those with no natural teeth tended to walk more slowly than other older adults who had no or a partial tooth loss. It is very important that everyone and in particular the older person should be sure to brush with toothpaste to keep teeth in the best- condition possible.

Other Consequences of Poor Dental Health Include:

Fear of Dementia

Wonder how your dental health is associated with your mental health? According to findings published in Behavioral Brain Functions, infections found in gums cause inflammation in the brain that results in death of brain cells, which can lead to Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

The Threat of Heart Disease and Stroke

Bacteria present in your gums can enter the bloodstream and clog arteries increasing chances of heart attack. This situation may further worsen into stroke, when it would become difficult for the clogged carotid artery to transfer blood to the brain, which can cause a sudden stroke. That is why people with periodontal disease are more prone to suffer from congested arteries.

Exacerbate Respiratory Problems

The threat of periodontal diseases outside the mouth does not end with risks introduced at the arteries. Bacteria from the gums can enter your respiratory system through bloodstream and degrade the condition of your lungs. These unwelcomed intruders are especially not good for individuals who are already suffering with pneumonia and acute bronchitis. According to a Journal of Periodontology, a link was found between gum diseases and increased cases of respiratory problems.

Timely consultation with your dentist will help you overcome the risk of poor respiratory health.

Erectile and Fertility Problem

Bacteria from the gums travel down to the genitals and inflame blood vessels, which results in hindered flow of blood. Thus, men with periodontal disease are 7 times more susceptible to erectile dysfunction than men who maintain healthy oral habits.

As for women, research conducted by European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology states that women suffering from gum diseases take more time to conceive than ones without dental infections.

Diabetes Complications

Diabetes patients are vulnerable to infection. For which, it is seen that people who are affected with periodontal disease also have diabetes, where the combination at adverse situation may lead to tooth loss. It is like a continuous cycle where people with diabetes are more at risk to suffer from gum diseases and periodontal disease on the other hand will make it difficult for you to check the blood sugar level.

Premature Birth of Babies

The presence of infection inside the body of an expectant mother is one the factors that causes premature birth of babies. Such early birth often comes along with breathing problems and presence of infections in newborns. Mouth is one such part of a would-be-mother’s body, which contains infection and is responsible for early birth. Use of non-alcohol mouthwash will help to reduce mouth infection and thus, lower down premature delivery of babies.

Increased Occurrence of Cancer

Research shows that men with gum diseases are 30% at more risk to get blood cancer, 49% to develop kidney cancer and 54% to get affected with pancreatic cancer.

At our Camden Dental Practice we know that focusing on news about oral health is very important! We are convinced that the oral-systemic link is very real and its exploration long overdue. We will continue to educate ourselves and look at what we can learn about the mouth that gives indications for overall health assessments.