How to Deal with a Broken Front Tooth Resulting from Dental Trauma

According to oral healthcare providers in London, dental traumas are common but the worse kind of trauma is breaking a front tooth. This loss not only cuts down your ability to properly eat and speak but also steals your natural smile. As such, people with lost front tooth develop a typical low-esteem about themselves in course of time.

Thankfully, dentists in Camden assure modern dentistry and offer a host of treatment alternatives to overcome this issue.

Find out the severity of the affected tooth

A broken front tooth is a phrase that may have several meanings and severities. There are different treatment plans for each of these variations. Some of the variations include the following:

  • A loose tooth: A tooth concussion is the same as a tooth loss resulting from receiving a hit or blow to the mouth. You’ll bleed and experience moderate to severe pain as a result of this. If your tooth remains intact but just a little loose, then think yourself lucky. This is because, in that case, you’ve definitely been spared the worst. However, this doesn’t allow you to sit back and relax. The impact may have damaged the roots of the tooth or may have pushed it into the jaws. You still need to visit an emergency dental care clinic immediately to seek the correct treatment option.
  • A broken tooth: When a significant piece of the affected tooth gets knocked out as a result of the concussion, you suffer from a broken tooth. It often exposes both the pulp and the tooth roots. You’re also likely to suffer from moderate to severe pain as a result. You need to see a dental expert right away. If the treatment is delayed, the pain, swelling and infection will only get worse.
  • A knocked out tooth: In dental terms, this condition is called dental avulsion. You’ll experience severe bleeding. Just like any other physical wound, apply pressure to the affected area to minimise the blood loss. Seek a qualified oral health expert right away. If you can find the knocked out tooth, pick it up and drop it in a cup of cold water or cold milk and take it with you to the dentist. Do not make any attempt to scrub or wash it. Your aim should be to keep the roots of the tooth alive and untouched. This will help the emergency dentist to fix it back in place without much complication.

Follow these tips and avoid complexities related to broken front tooth resulting from dental trauma.