Important Things to Know Related to Invisalign Treatment

Want to have whiter and brighter teeth? Are you amongst those unlucky people who do not feel confident due to unattractive smile? Well, the effects can actually be damaging both psychologically and socially. Why don’t you undergo treatment for your crooked, crowded or slightly gapped teeth? Possibly, one reason is the fear of wearing braces. The ultimate result is attractive smile and improved appearance. Let’s discuss about some important things to know about clear braces before consulting with dentists that do invisalign.

  • Speak at the social gatherings – Invisible braces may affect your speech and even lead to slight lisp. Some people find them noticeable while others hardly think about it. According to the dental experts, the more you speak wearing the trays, the quicker you will learn to adjust with it. It might take one day or few weeks for Invisalign attachments to fit properly. If it does not, talk to your dentist and know why the aligners are not fitting in the right way.
  • Strict diet chart to follow – Invisalign will have an affect your diet. Your dental practitioner will ask you to drink water only when you are wearing clear braces. It is a great idea to drink lots of water since your mouth may become dry with aligners. When eating, drinking, brushing or flossing, you will have to remove braces and put them back in once the work is done.
  • Severe pain and discomfort – People who wear invisible braces have to suffer from tremendous pain on wearing it. Several things can be done to get rid of the discomfort. You may use wax for covering the rough edges of the clear braces or speak with your dentist to solve this problem.
  • See the results quickly – Adults need to wear clear braces for a year but how long will it take before seeing the results. Well, it won’t be too long which is two to three months for most people. However, it will take few months for others to see the most effective result.
  • Not suitable for everyone – Invisalign cannot fix all kinds of problems. You need to talk to your dentist or orthodontist to know what the treatment can and cannot do. You should wear the braces for at least 22 hours in a day which means you get two hours of time to remove them at the time of eating, drinking and cleaning.
  • Take care of your teeth – You should brush twice and floss daily to keep your teeth strong and healthy before reinserting the braces. This will enable you to maintain good oral health and hygiene. It is important to put the aligners back in your mouth after eating, drinking, cleaning and take care of your teeth. Your dentist recommends brushing the aligners with toothpaste or water.

You need to change your aligners every week rather than in every two weeks to attain the perfect smile within a short time. Visit a reputed Camden Dental practice to undergo Invisalign treatment under safe hands.