Professional Tooth Cleaning at Camden High Street Dental Practice

There is no substitute for professional tooth cleaning carried out by a certified dental hygienist. Visiting a dental hygienist on a regular basis will give you peace of mind, knowing that any teeth cleaning procedure you have, will remove tartar, plaque, and stains that may have built up on your teeth. Even if you brush and floss your teeth and gums religiously, tartar can still develop.

A Professional Touch

Professional teeth cleaning is an essential part of maintaining good oral hygiene and is something that you need to do regularly to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Professional cleaning every 6 months to a year is what most dentists recommend to reduce the likelihood of the progression of any periodontal disease. You will have to continue with good oral hygiene at home between your professional cleaning visits.

The evils of plaque

Plaque is a, soft sticky tooth coating film, containing millions of bacteria that causes gum disease and tooth decay if it is not removed with flossing and daily brushing backed up with regular dental visits.


Tartar, also called dental calculus, is a hard calcified deposit that contributes to decay by forming on teeth. Visiting a dental hygienist in London will help by removing the deposits without harming the teeth. A dental mirror will be used in the examination to help the dentist to look for signs of tartar, swelling, irritation, decay, or any bleeding. The first tool used for teeth cleaning will be an ultrasonic instrument that uses gentle vibrations to loosen bigger pieces of tartar. Once the larger pieces of tartar have been dislodged, the dentist will switch over to a finer hand-held instrument designed to eradicate smaller deposits on the teeth and make the tooth surfaces smooth.

Individual attention

Teeth will be scaled individually to make sure that all the tartar is removed. Once the surfaces of the teeth are smooth, the dentist will go on to polish them. With a slow-speed hand held piece made up of a soft rubber cup, the polishing device’s tip will spin to smooth the surface of the teeth. Sometimes your dentist might also apply fluoride as a final cleaning step. Fluoride is used to strengthen teeth and protect them against tartar and dental plaque.


Most dental patients find this type of routine teeth cleaning to be a painless experience. The procedure will not generally cause discomfort. If you do feel any discomfort let your local dentist at Camden High Street Dental Practice know and they will be able to offer options that will make your teeth cleaning experience more enjoyable.

An hour to ensure healthy teeth

Most dental cleaning procedures will last between 30 minutes to an hour. You will lie back in the chair for the treatment. After your professional teeth cleaning, you will probably notice that your teeth will feel fresher and will look whiter and brighter.

Looking good!

Even although teeth cleaning procedures can make your teeth look a lot better, they are designed for more than cosmetic appearance. Teeth cleaning, professionally done, is an essential way to prevent and treat periodontal disease as well as maintaining optimum tooth health.