Professional Zoom Teeth Whitening for Your Brighter Smile

Home teeth whitening kits are readily available across the supermarkets and departmental stores. Have you ever tried them to brighten up your smile? Compared to professional, in-chair whitening sessions, those products are effective only to a limited extent. Oral healthcare specialists have advanced training and effective tools to facilitate a higher degree of teeth whitening than the home tool kits. But why do you need to whiten the teeth?

Reasons behind teeth stains

Excessive consumption of red wine, coffee, berry and such other things take the toll on the natural brightness of the teeth. Even certain medications are known to affect the whiteness of the teeth, making them appear slightly stained. However, habitual consumption of tobacco, in any form, proves most damaging in creating the stains. Over the years, the stains get a better hold on the teeth surface and turn brownish from mild yellowish in appearance. Considering all these facts and factors, you must’ve understood it is more important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain the natural brightness of your molars.

Fast and effective results

Teeth whitening is a time-consuming treatment, as you may have to undergo several sessions of it depending on the type of stains you’ve developed. These days, everyone wants to avail an effective therapy with the best results. Teeth whitening patients are no different to this mind-set. In this circumstance, professional Zoom Teeth Whitening is steadily gaining popularity in London.

Specially formulated solution

This modern teeth whitening solution not only delivers your desired results but also delivers them faster. Just a single session of Zoom whitening is enough to lift the stubborn stains that accumulated on your teeth surface over the years. The stunning effectiveness of the therapy can be attributed to a fact. Zoom teeth whitening uses a bleaching solution, which is specially formulated to work on the type of stains and discolouration that is most difficult to get rid of.

Breaking down of the stains at the microscopic level

In this treatment procedure, the unwanted layers of stains are broken down at the microscopic level. As the specially formulated gel is applied to the teeth, it starts reacting when the expert holds the lighting tool near the molar surface. Whitening procedure requires higher level of expertise and so, you must avail this treatment only from a licensed dentist every time. Remember, if accidentally anything goes wrong, your teeth and the gums may undergo irreversible damage as the consequence. The treatment procedure is totally pain-free. Moreover, it causes no damage to the outer, hard, protective covering of the teeth or the enamel.

Camden High Street Dental Practice is located at King’s Cross in London. It is a reliable destination for a wide range of modern dentistry treatments, including Zoom teeth whitening. The clinic operates from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, 10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m. on Saturdays and strictly by prior appointments on Sundays. The clinic maintains modern infrastructure to deliver quality treatment. Rate of success for any treatment is exceptionally high here. Patients from far and near particularly come for Zoom whitening treatment.