Quit Smoking for Your Health and Teeth

Each time someone asks you to quit smoking or to smoke less; you winningly declare the tons of problems and responsibilities on your head as the solemn reasons. Indeed, London life isn’t always easy. Once you have acquired a taste for nicotine, cigarettes become the go to in times of troubles. This dependency slowly sums up the number of times you smoke per day.

Well this companionship doesn’t come cheap. In the worst case it can costs a lifetime with cancer. Smoking is responsible for causing 14 different types of cancer, including mouth and upper throat cancer.

Chemicals found in chewing tobacco or cigarettes are extremely carcinogenic. Affirmed further by The Oral Cancer Foundation, out of the 7000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke, 70 of them are accountable for causing cancer. Oral cancer painless at the initial stage broadly goes unnoticed until you feel the discomfort once it has spread. Some of the symptoms you can figure out to get immediate dental attention include sudden pain, numbness, difficulty in swallowing food and fluids, swellings, bumps and bleeding.

The Hazardous Story Does Not End Here

  • Discoloured Teeth: The yellowish tendency observed in your teeth is not the work of your food habits alone. Nicotine and tar found in tobacco products are also the aiding agents. Deep and stubborn yellow stains on prolonged exposure to these chemicals are not easy to remove. While the chemicals also weaken the tooth enamel, it becomes easier for the stain to stick on your teeth. Only teeth whitening procedure applied by dentists can help you get rid of such undesirable discoloration.
  • Rotting Interiors: Once the chemicals damage the enamel, it becomes easier for the acid formed inside our mouth, to further degrade the quality of your dentition. With reduced enamel, the bacteria gradually reach inside your tooth, rotting the interiors and spreading infection. This condition worsens to an extent that the tooth may become loose and require removal. Smoking is also to blame for causing lack of oxygen blood, a weapon required by your body to naturally fight the infection.
  • Gum Disease: Gum disease is another dental issue, which takes place due to bacterial actions. Plaque is a thin layer of bacteria inside your mouth, forming constantly on your teeth. Apart from cavities and tooth decay, the bacteria introduce inflammation along the gum lines. Visible as red and swollen gums, they are perceptible to easy bleeding. The problem elevates when continuous deposits of plaque gets hardened into tartar. The tendency of our immune system to combat the bacteria breaks down the alveolar bone and supporting tissues, which loosens out the tooth from its place.

For all of these oral conditions you need consultation of private dentist at Camden High Street Practice. Moreover, smoking also triggers sensitivities inside your mouth. To ease all these minor troubles due to use of tobacco, there are specific toothpastes and mouthwashes accessible in the market.