5 Simple Steps to Treat Gum Disease for a Healthy Mouth

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is one of the most common dental health issues these days. When left untreated for a long time, gum disease can have serious effects on your overall heath, starting from respiratory and heart disease to stroke and pregnancy complications. With serious consequences that gum disease may have on your health condition, it is important to follow these steps for gum disease treatment and avoiding it from occurring again by practicing an effective oral hygiene.

  • Improve brushing and oral care habits – There are two ways to treat gum disease successfully.

    The presence of bacteria in the mouth is usually a result of food particles and sugars that irritate the gums which leads to periodontal disease. After the plaque manages to penetrate below the gum, it becomes almost impossible to get it removed by using a toothbrush. You need to make sure that you are brushing twice a day and that you floss daily to minimise the build-up of bacteria. You can also visit a dental hygienist that can further clean your mouth from the bacteria.

    • Remove and reduce the build-up of plaque.
    • Reduce and remove the bacteria that cause the plaque on the first place.
    • Eliminate bacteria below the gum line – The bacteria are microscopic and can easily enter into hard to find places, making it much more difficult to remove by brushing your teeth. One such area is below the gum line. Daily flossing can further help you remove the plaque that has built up below the gum line.
    • Use a mouthwash for proper cleaning – If you are suffering from gum disease, a mouthwash can help in improving your oral health quite significantly for a short time. You can also use a saline solution which helps in neutralising the bacteria. This method should only be used once. It is also necessary to wait five minutes after you are done brushing your teeth before you rinse your mouth with a mouthwash. This will prevent the Fluoride present in the toothbrush from further working.
    • Brush gums when they bleed or sore – It is extremely important to brush inflamed gums since the bacteria has already built up.. Though it may seem unpleasant, your gums can heal quickly when they bleed. For this, you will have to remove the bacteria that is causing the problem. If you have any kind of sensitivity, it should soon end. It is advised to see a dentist in Camden to get rid of your gum disease as soon as possible.
    • Eat the right food for improved health condition – If you have gum disease, then it is essential to reduce your amount of acid sugar intake. Otherwise, you will suffer from the same problem that makes the treating of gum disease more difficult. If you have the habit of eating snacks in between the meals, then this may not be good for your dental health. Though it is a good idea to reduce snacks to a minimum as a whole, at least try to completely cut them out when trying to treat gum disease. Some preventative measures that minimise the development of gum disease include:
      • Brush two times a day for at least two minutes.
      • Floss daily with interdentals.
      • Use a Gum Saver brush.
      • Minimise the intake of sugar between the meals.
      • Rinse properly or drink water to remove bacteria and food particles.
      • Quit smoking for the time being.

If you are extremely worried about gum disease or your oral health condition, visit your dentist immediately.