The Advantage of Our Teeth Whitening System in This New Year

Even if you are fastidious about taking care of your teeth and always keep up your oral health regimens, life can catch up with you and challenge the even the most diligent of us. The things that we eat and drink and the way we live our lives can all have an impact on our teeth and leave our smiles looking a bit less than perfect.

Whether it is coffee and red wine that stains our teeth or chips or cracks we have from minor accidents, having a smile that looks dull or imperfect can take its toll on our self-confidence. Even the gradual tooth movement that is a natural part of aging can make our teeth look uneven. But don’t despair – help is at hand! Whether you need a smile makeover for a wedding day or just to give your confidence a boost, modern dental practices can help you.

A New Year and a New You

We may all be guilty of making New Year Resolutions that have gone by the board by the middle of January but making the resolution to improve our smiles and our self-confidence is one that you owe it to yourself to make sure that you keep. At Camden Dental we are determined to help you get that boost to your self-confidence for 2017, whether the treatment you need is relatively simple with zoom teeth whitening, or more complex.

To start with we will carry out a dental examination to assess the state of health of your mouth and teeth and then draw up a treatment plan that might include any of the following procedures alone or maybe in combination with each other.

Braces (Orthodontics)

Even if your teeth are bright and white if they look uneven and crooked you will not be happy with the look of your smile. There are many discreet ways to effect straightening of your teeth these days including invisible braces such as Invisalign. This system offers the flexibility of removal of the braces or ‘trays’ for eating and for special occasions and they work in less time than traditional braces. In less complicated cases this is known as ‘six month smiles’.

Tooth Whitening

Once your teeth are straight then you might want to consider having your teeth whitened to complete your new look for the New Year. Whether you want in house teeth whitening or advice on a DIY option we will be very happy to help.

If teeth are heavily stained, or have small chips or cracks that have developed over the years, we can use porcelain dental veneers to replace the damaged or discoloured surface of your teeth, leaving you with a knock out smile!

Whatever the issue with your teeth we will be happy to talk through the options that are on offer, with you. We will have you smiling with confidence in no time at all. Visit nearest nhs dentist in Camden to make sure that your New Year stats with a bright white smile.