Things You Should Know Before Dental Implants Treatment

Technology behind dental care and treatment has improved to a whole new level in recent years. Despite the technological advancements, a large number of people in the UK suffer from tooth loss. Apart from accident-related trauma, the prime culprits behind this problem include dental conditions like tooth decay or cavities and periodontal disease. Even not so long a got, the only solutions available for the problem of tooth loss were the conventional bridges and dentures.

These days, a much better solution – both functionally and aesthetically – in form of dental implants is available to solve the problem.

Dental implants – a brief description

Implants are basically replacement tooth roots which provide permanent support to the artificial tooth top or crown just like your natural teeth. Usually, biocompatible metals like Titanium are used to make an implant. The metal automatically fuses with your jawbone and the surrounding tissues in the course of time.

Advantages that teeth implants offer

In contrast to conventional tooth loss solutions, an implant offers a host of advantages. These include:

  • Improved aesthetics: An oral implant looks and feels just like your own tooth. It is practically impossible to spot a difference between the two.
  • Improved speech: Unlike the traditional tooth-loss solutions like dentures and bridges, dental implants allow you to speak clearly, just like before.
  • Higher levels of comfort and convenience: An implanted tooth gradually becomes part of your body. As compared to dentures and bridges, they offer greater levels of comfort and convenience.
  • Facilitate proper chewing of foods: An oral implant not just looks like your natural tooth but also acts like one. It helps you chew foods properly which in turn facilitates digestion and assimilation.
  • Higher self-esteem: Losing a tooth can significantly damage your confidence to the point where you don’t even smile in photos. Implants will not only return your natural smile, they will also make it better than before.

With minimal care and maintenance, a tooth implant can easily last for a life-time. Dentures often slip out of their position, especially when talking or eating which can be very embarrassing. Implants are a permanent solution to your lost teeth.

Success rate of implants solution

On an average, the implants success rate is nearly 98%. The remaining 2% depend on the location of the implant in your jaw. In other words, the treatment offers you a much higher value for your hard earned money. Implants will truly change your life for the better.

Pre-requisites for the treatment

It doesn’t require much to undergo the modern teeth loss treatment. However, you should’ve healthy gums and enough of jawbone to hold the implant post in place. If you lack sufficient jawbone, our Croydon Dentists may suggest you to undergo bone augmentation. Usually, diabetics, heavy smokers and people with heart diseases are advised not to undergo this modern alternative.

Under normal circumstances, an implant treatment may not be covered by a dental insurance. However, you may get the necessary coverage under your medical plan. Kindly consult with your insurance provider or our insurance helpdesk for more clarity.