This Valentines Day Go for Teeth Whitening for a Brighter Smile

Showing our appreciation and love on Valentines Day is often communicated by presenting a box of chocolates and treats. Most of us are aware of the fact that consuming all the sweets and candies has an adverse affect on our health. However, we might not consider the impacts that they have on our teeth until the effects are visible. It is important that we maintain a good dental regime by following two simple things such as brushing your teeth twice and flossing regularly. Not only these will help you achieve a bright smile for the upcoming event but also keep your teeth healthy for longer.

Take good care of your oral health in Valentines Day by following the below mentioned tips and techniques.

Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

  • Whitening Kits: You can get a personalized set of trays for your teeth in many clinics. It might take some time to prepare it, so that it fits correctly in your mouth. Once these trays are prepared you can take them home. It is recommended to use it during night time before sleeping to avoid any kind of interruption. Before using it, spread some whitening gel and leave it on overnight. Most of the dentists recommend repeating this step for 10 nights in a row.
  • Avoid Bad Habits: Smoking, biting of nails can have serious impacts on the shine of your teeth. There are certain food items that might lead to pigmentation on your teeth such as coffee, carbonated drinks, blueberries, candy, tea and more.
  • Baking Soda and Lemon Juice: Mix a part of lemon juice with one teaspoon baking soda and apply it on your teeth with the help of a toothbrush. Leave in on for one minute and rinse it off with the water.

Dental Teeth Whitening Treatment

Laser whitening is available in most of the dental clinics. A rubber dam is put on your teeth so that the gums are protected and a bleaching product is applied over the teeth. Then a laser or light is reflected on the teeth to activate the chemical. It will help in speeding up the reaction and the desired colour will be achieved quickly. It can make your teeth five to six shades lighter than earlier.

The effects of this treatment might last up to two to three years provided proper care is taken. It might vary depending on the habits of the person. There are many dental clinics that give teeth whitening special offer on special occasions at attractive prices.

Tips to Prevent Staining of Teeth after Whitening Treatments

  • Brush your teeth using a fluoride based toothpaste
  • Avoid consumption of sugary drinks and food items
  • Go for regular dental checkups

Make sure your smile is picture perfect for the entire day on this valentine. Our private dentist in Camden Town who can take care of the Philip Zoom and Enlighten whitening treatments process efficiently. Apart from this, you can carry some sugar free gum, mouthwash or mints to keep your mouth clean.