Tooth Sensitivity

At our Camden High Street Dental Practice we are often asked what the most common cause of tooth sensitivity is and why some of the teeth, but not all, are subject to this sensitivity. Here are some of the questions we are asked.

Am I brushing my teeth to vigorously?

It is unlikely that you would brush some teeth harder than others and cause sensitivity. What is more likely is that your bite is not even and you are putting pressure on certain teeth. We can evaluate your bite make any minor adjustments needed to make sure that the bite forces are distributed evenly over all the teeth. This should reduce or completely resolve the sensitivity and answer the question of why some teeth become sensitive.

I have grooves in some of my teeth against the gum where the enamel is worn is this causing sensitivity?

These areas are called abfarction areas and are not caused by brushing too hard. The culprit of the sensitivity in this area, again, is an uneven bite that causes the enamel to wear away.

Why are my teeth more sensitive when I wake up in the morning?

This will most likely be due to the fact that you have been grinding your teeth in your sleep either because of stress or because your teeth do not meet together properly. Another reason may be that your jaw joint is not working properly, having moved off the disc. We can investigate and advise you on this.

Methods to reduce sensitivity of your teeth

  • There are many toothpaste brands available on the market that is designed especially for sensitive teeth. These products contain potassium nitrate that blocks tiny cavities in dentin that is the root cause of sensitivity.
    Changing the method of your brushing might help with teeth sensitivity. Rigorous brushing might lead to the erosion of enamel and damage the gum tissue that gives rise to sensitive teeth.
  • Try to avoid the consumption of acidic food such as red wine, sodas, citric fruits and more. These contain ascorbic acid that constantly attacks your enamel. Even if you are not suffering from this condition it is a good idea to avoid these food items.
  • If using desensitising toothpaste is doing no good for your condition, then talk to your dentist for painted-on barriers. Fluoride varnish and plastic resins are applied over the teeth. It might diminish overtime but can be reapplied depending on your condition.
  • Most of us grind our teeth when stressed. It leads to jaw pain and damage the tip of the teeth, exposing it to hot or cold weather that causes adverse affects. Wearing a mouth guard or changing your position during sleeping might be able to curb this habit.
  • If you are suffering from receding gums contact a good Camden dentist as he or she will be able to restore the quality of your teeth. Dental procedure like tissue grafting can be used to correct this condition.

If you are finding a dentist because you want to talk about and understand the reasons that you have sensitive teeth, then we will be happy to make you an appointment to get to the root of the problem. Sensitive teeth can make life miserable and we will be able to show you how to relieve or completely resolve the problems that you are having with sensitivity.