When You Require Emergency Dental Care and Treatment

Are you suffering from a severe problem with your teeth or gums? If yes, then you actually require immediate dental care and treatment that constitutes a dental emergency. Certain oral emergencies can be the reason for permanent damage to your mouth. Besides that, the cost of the treatment will also increase, if left untreated for a long time. Read on to know about common dental emergencies and how you should deal with them.


A toothache is the most common dental emergency that requires immediate attention. This is an extremely painful condition that gets worse overtime. Instead of taking painkillers to ease the discomfort, a toothache should be treated quickly.

There are two kinds of toothaches:

  • ‘Alive nerve’ in the root of the tooth: Your teeth become highly sensitive to hot and cold foods as well as drinks due to inflammation and soreness of the nerve in the tooth root.
  • ‘Dead nerve’ in the tooth root: This kind of pain is extremely severe and can turn into an abscess at the end of the tooth root. If it is left untreated for long, an abscessed tooth might be the reason for serious oral problems.

Knocked Out Tooth:

A knocked out tooth can be saved and even re-inserted by a dental surgeon if emergency steps are taken. Pick up the knocked tooth from the top and make sure you do not touch the area of the root. Rinse it gently and do not remove or scrub or any tissue attached to the tooth root. Try to place it back into the socket gently without much force if you can. Keep your knocked out tooth in a cup of milk utill you see an emergency dentist.

Cracked or Fractured Teeth:

If you bite a hard substance, then this may cause a crack to your teeth. However, broken teeth can be saved by taking immediate attention. In some cases, the damage might be extremely serious and thus, you may need to perform a root canal treatment. Small cracks can be fixed with a white filling.

Abscessed Tooth:

An abscessed tooth is a painful infection that may spread to other body parts, if not treated properly. An abscess might develop in the tooth root or in-between the teeth and gums that can be the reason for the painful swelling. It is advised to rinse your mouth with salt water and see a dentist soon in order to get quick relief from the severe pain.

Other Dental Emergencies:

Other dental emergencies that require immediate care and attention are –

Dental emergencies might happen to anyone and at any time. The right course of action is to stay calm and look for immediate dental care and treatment. First aid kits are available that provide some relief from oral discomfort immediately however, you still need to visit a dentist immediately at Camden High Street Dental Practice to get a proper treatment. Make sure you practice good dental hygiene habits and go for routine checkups in order to prevent unnecessary oral complications in the future.