Commitment to Health and Safety at Camden High Street Practice

Ensuring the health and safety of our patients and staff at Camden High Street Practice is a responsibility we take with utmost seriousness. We actively maintain and review our health and safety protocols to align with the latest standards and regulations. Should you ever pinpoint any potential safety risks within our premises, we urge you to promptly inform our team so that we can address the issue immediately.

Our Patient Safety Charter

At the core of Camden High Street Practice is a deeply ingrained safety culture. This means that the well-being of our patients is not just a consideration—it is the driving force behind every decision we make, from healthcare delivery to the setting of objectives and the implementation of procedures, all the way to the acquisition of new equipment and products. We pride ourselves on fostering an environment that encourages open and honest dialogue among our team members, ensuring that every challenge is met with the collective goal of benefiting our patients.

Upholding the Highest Standards of Infection Control

In the spirit of our commitment to safety, we meticulously adhere to the most recent infection prevention protocols as advised by NHS England. Our approach includes:

  • Utilising the Best Tools: We employ single-use dental instruments or ensure that reusable ones are thoroughly sterilised post-use.
  • Ensuring Clean Work Environments: Each patient encounter is preceded by a comprehensive decontamination of the dental chair, hand-held devices, and cabinet handles.
  • Personal Hygiene and Appearance: Our clinical team maintains exemplary personal hygiene and adheres to a strict dress code that limits the wearing of jewellery to maintain a sterile environment.

Water Quality and Waste Management

  • Waterline Maintenance: regularly monitor the water quality used in our practice, ensuring dental unit waterlines are disinfected and free from contamination.
  • Responsible Waste Disposal: Our team is trained to handle waste in compliance with the prevailing regulations, ensuring it is disposed of responsibly and safely using certified carriers.

Health and Well-being of Our Team

  • Expert Health Consultations: In the event a team member is suspected of having a blood-borne infection, we seek specialist advice, conduct an occupational health check, and adhere strictly to the recommended guidelines concerning their role in patient care.
  • Safeguarding Training: All team members undergo rigorous training in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, strictly following the practice’s regularly updated safeguarding procedures.

Continuous Improvement Through Clinical Governance

We have implemented a robust clinical governance system that employs integrated risk management strategies. This system helps us identify, assess, analyse, and manage any potential risks and incidents, with the ultimate aim of perpetually enhancing the care and service we provide our patients.

Leadership and Responsibility

The Practice Manager bears the overarching responsibility for the health and safety measures at Camden High Street Practice. This responsibility is facilitated by continuous support to the team through regular meetings, comprehensive staff training, opportunities for personal development, and systematic appraisals. We are always receptive to feedback and encourage our patients to voice any queries, comments, or suggestions they might have.

Your Voice Matters

We invite you to reach out to our Practice Manager with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our health and safety protocols. At Camden High Street Practice, your peace of mind is as important to us as your physical health. We are committed to providing a safe, secure, and caring environment for all our patients and staff members.